Nurtural Horse Bitless Synth Bridle $140.39 Synthetic Bitless Bridle The unique patented design is the only bitless bridle with a trademarked CircleX under the jaw, gripping on the noseband and rein straps with enough adjustment to allow you to attach your reins almost exactly as you would with a bit. Using this bridle is intuitive to both horse and rider. Just ride, train or drive as if you have a bit... without the fight! Horse, Arab/Cob or Warmblood size. Black or Brown

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Nurtural Horse Impressive Leather English Bitless Bridle Brown arab cob Sports Outdoors.

Consistent rein lengths send clearer messages to your horse and improve your control.

Bridle Brown arab cob Sports Outdoors.

This is Stefanic of Valley View Mountain Horses riding her Stallion Tangos Double Clutch.

Three Examples of horses stopping in the Nurtural Bitless.

With you and. High to low. You just realized your dream of having a horse. Tent pegging at WEG 010 A Thoroughbred at Canadas Outdoor Show A.

Nurtural Horse Ranchman Leather Bitless Bridle.

Other bitless bridles with split poll crownpieces have the reinstraps as a.

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