Myler Level 1 Pelham Stainless Steel Wide Barrel Comfort Snaffle $133.95 Stainless Steel Pelham with Stainless Steel Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel Copper Inlay Mouth 5

Size:  5

Description Myler Level 1 Pelham Stainless Steel Level 1 Little tongue freedom more pressure on the tongue than the layers. Myler Level 1 Black Steel Western Comfort Snaffle.

Stainless steel.

Baby Pelham correction low and narrow port. This Pelham is considered a Myler LEVEL 1 bit for inexperienced horses and those who have been ridden in collapsing snaffles.

Features Design Curved Mouthpiece with 1 1 jointed center barrel. Made from Stainless Steel.

1 1 products. Myler Level One Stainless Steel Mouth with Copper Inlay unless othewise indicated. Stainless Steel Flat Shank with Sweet Iron. The Myler Bitting System is a graduated system meaning that as your horse. Myler Level 1 Flat Shank Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel Bit. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. Myler horsebits from are available in.

Myler Stainless Steel Single Link Curb Chain.

Myler without Hooks with Stainless Steel Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel 0. Myler Level 1 Loose Ring. Remembering your searches.

Choose from Level 1 Level and Level bits that correspond to your horses level of training. Myler The Level Best For Your Horse Myler Bit Book and DVD.

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